Who would have thought that a sequel would be made 2 big decades after their first encounter? Jesse and Celine were 2 strangers who met on a train, and from there, embarked on a journey of hopeful romance. Their romantic encounters began with Before Sunrise (1995), following which they never expected to meet again in Before Sunset (2003).

Beautiful, philosophical, deeply brilliant and just downright romantic, the Before series has achieved critical acclaim and made its way into the hearts of fans worldwide. (I can hear all of you breathing a hopeful *ahh...*

Before Sunrise

Before Midnight continues that journey. Now delving deeper into the hopes and realistic travails of love and life of the once(and still are) very optimistically romantic couple, we explore how their journey has now evolved.. while reliving the optimism of a sunset romance. Starring the brilliantly talented Ethan Hawke and demure French girl Julie Delpy once again, both sharing screenplay credit with excellent director Richard Linklater, let us relive the journey Before Midnight:

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