Man Of Steel Easter Eggs Part 2

Let us continue on, for Man of Steel Easter Eggs, Part 2:

1. The Kryptonian Lady Warrior, Faora-Ul

I am sure those who have seen Richard Donner’s Superman 2 must have thought that in some way, the female Kryptonian who bashed up Superman was the same person, even myself. Turns out, that was not the case.

faora MoS ursa superman 2

Don’t they just resemble each other? Or at least hold some bearing, vice versa? That’s what we thought. Anyway, it is Faora-Ul who appeared in Man Of Steel while Ursa, another Kryptonian appeared in Richard Donner’s Superman 2.

Was Faora-Ul modeled after Ursa or made as a nod or tribute to Ursa? Either, we love this representation.

2. Christopher Reeve

Sharp-eyed fans may notice this. When Kal-El was under the beam of the World Engine, check out the resemblance:

christopher-reeve MoS easter egg

christopher reeve comparison MoS

There you go. We know, or think that it was purely coincidental. But yes, the casting of the actor to go in Superman’s red boots have seemed to always follow the chiseled features of Christopher Reeve since Richard Donner’s Superman. Coincidence, international or both? Go figure! :)

3. Lexcorp logos

Probably a very obvious Easter Eggs, where fans and general audiences have spotted it non-stop even at first viewing (that is, if you watch more than once)

lexcorp easter egg 1 MoS


4. Wayne Enterprises logo

Wayne enterprises logo 1 MoS

Can you see something? This is the satellite in which Superman and General Zod were momentarily battling each other on.

This is the logo:

wayne ent logo MoS

Now, that’s something. Probably to show that Supes is in the same world as Batsy or to indicate on a possible Justice League movie? Nice!

5. Blaze comics

blaze comics MoS

So, when Supes was flying towards Zod in the final battle, this little logo can be seen in the background. Apparently, Blaze Comics is the publisher for this superhero named Booster Gold in DC comics. Aha! Another possible superhero to come in the sequel?

6. Utopia Casino

utopia MoS

Now you see it, another hint for another superhero, or more accurately, a supervillain. In the comics, the owner of Utopia Casino is a man named Tony Gallo, the man who first brought Superman into contact with a Kryptonite. Whoa. Alright, so perhaps Lex Luthor and Kryptonites may first meet Kal-El in the sequel.

7. S.T.A.R. Labs

Just can’t get enough of heroes and villains? Let’s bring Cyborg.

cyborg man of steel easter egg

In Man of Steel, we were introduced to Dr Hamilton, briefly, it was mentioned that he is an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs, the creator of the villain Cyborg.

8. Supergirl

Supergirl MoS

In the scene where Clark first explores the scouting ship, we can notice one opened pod, implicating that a Kryptonian has once escaped. In the comics, Kara Zor-El otherwise known as Supergirl, was one of the crew in the pods.

9. Smallville Spartans

Smallville Spartans MoS

Just a nod to Zack Snyder’s 300 movie!

9. Lana Lang

Jadin Gould Lana Lang

And we have Lana Lang played by Jadin Gould, who was first seen in the bus that Clark saved! Could we see her in the sequel all grown up? We certainly hope so!

That’s it folks, the wonderful world of Man of Steel Easter Eggs, which dropped so many nods, hints, references and tributes to characters, villains, movies and everything alike!